Delectable italian goats cheese

I’ve had a long standing love affair with goats cheese. It serves as a delicious snack by itself as well as being a great ingredient in savoury tarts, salads or even a frittata. Over the years I’ve tried (and been disappointed with) all the supermarket offerings – surprisingly CostCo’s ‘Heritage’ range goats cheese is one of the best! Hmmm.

Anyway, my latest discovery is the delicious caprino which is being sold at my local Brixton grocers – A&C Co. situated on the corner of Atlantic Road and Brixton Road.

A specialist grocers, they sell a diverse range of cheeses, salamis, fresh breads and olives in addition to standard seasonal veg and there is a friendly, welcoming atmosphere whenever I visit. This is probably the reason I always end up leaving with far more than originally intended!

Highly recommended are the olives stuffed with garlic and mature manchego, but by far my favourite is the italian goats cheese – caprino fresco (meaning fresh). Half the enjoyment is just unwrapping the traditional waxed paper in which the cheese is carefully packaged. Inside resides the creamiest, whitest goats cheese I have ever tasted. Crumbly and melt in the mouth, this is best enjoyed pared with a slice of portuguese sour dough bread.

Believe me, other goats cheese pale in comparison. Yum!

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