Dress like your garden

Floral prints and garden greens may be everywhere right now thanks to designers such as Etro and Mary Katrantzou, but really, are they wearable? I’d like to say yes, but it has to be done tastefully and paired with the right items. Here’s how I intend to immerse myself in flora and fauna, without going full on David Bellamy.

Dior’s delicate minty-green nail polish is doing the fashion circuit right now and rightly so. It’s a great way to gently ease yourself into the garden trend and will give you a little bit of lift every time you look down at your beautiful spring nails!

(Dior Vernis nail polish in Waterlily 504, Boots, £17.50)

I’ve invested in a pair of floral-print trousers, also known as ‘jazzy trousers.’ While they may appear loud and poor-taste at first, you can pair these with a simple black tee and boots and make a proper statement. Try Topshop for an array of choices. They also have some picture-perfect shorts, beautifully illustrated and reminiscent of Kew Gardens in full bloom. How great will these look with a tan?

(Tropical Mirror Print Shorts, Topshop, £35)

However, if you’re not the shy and retiring type and are ready to embrace this trend with open arms then go wild and pick up something from the cheeky NZ brand – Stolen Girlfriends Club. They make edgy clothing which add serious personality to any look. This season, they’ve taken the floral trend and made it super punchy with acid injections. I love their ‘doll’ dress as it’s both girly and romantic, yet tough and confident at the same time. May need to start saving my pennies..

(Acid doll dress, Stolen Girlfriends Club, £465)

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