The great leather jacket search

Leather jackets – an essential in most girls’ wardrobes, but not always the easiest item to purchase.

I’ve recently spent some time searching for the ultimate leather jacket. Does it exist I hear you cry? Well, yes if you have £1ooo+ and can afford a Rick Owens. The rest of us mere mortals are neatly split between saving for the All Saints full-price version and settling for Topshop’s finest. (Both very worthy contenders.)

(Rick Owens Textured-Leather biker jacket, Net-A-Porter, £1,345)

There are a couple of ground rules when hunting for TULJ (The ultimate leather jacket.) Pleather is not a good look – PU, leather-look or plastic jackets are cheap and nasty. If you can’t afford leather, don’t wear fake. Stick to a nice blazer from The GAP and you’ll look a million miles more classy.

Also, beware of the ‘cheap-and-shiny’ leather jackets you can pick up on touristy streets in central London. They may be real, but they look fake and surely that’s worse – spending the money, while everyone else thinks you’re in PU!? No thanks! I found myself in this situation recently at the Reiss sales. There was the most beautiful tan leather jacket reduced from £300+ to £130..and it was IN MY SIZE. But when I tried it on, it looked pleather all the way. Gutting, but simply not worth it.

So, you may now be thinking that actually this is an impossible feat. But fear not, it’s my job to seek out the best! Occasionally the High Street comes up trumps, but my tip would be eBay. There’s almost always some All Saints past season leathers on there for half the price. However, if you really are after a Rick Owens lookalike, check out Black Scissors Tailoring who have their own eBay shop – they have some truly wonderful offerings and also provide a made-to-measure service. Happy hunting!

(Black Scissors Tailoring Leather Jacket, eBay, £149)

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