Chocolate by Willie

These days, we’re spoilt for choice when it comes to good quality chocolate. Green & Blacks, Divine, Lindt – you’ve probably tried it. Equally, anyone who’s stumbled into the back room at Liberty will have seen it piled high with beautifully wrapped chocolate treats in vibrant packaging akin with something created by Willy Wonka.

Anyway, there’s a new Willy on the block and he doesn’t hang out with orange-faced midgets or wear a purple suit. Willie Harcourt-Cooze has travelled far and wide in his quest for the ultimate chocolate experience and since 2009 has been bringing his 70-100% cacao products to the masses. I was introduced to this brand by a well-informed work colleague and haven’t looked back!

(Willie’s Delectable Cacao Sierra Leone 70, 50g, Waitrose, £1.80)

My current favourite is the incredible Ginger and Lime. This bar consists of tangy chunks of fruit submerged in a bitter dark chocolate – a serious afternoon treat. Conveniently this is now available from Waitrose as well as Willie’s website so we can all gain access to his brilliance.

There are many other exotic combinations of chocolate in the range, all with well-designed labels, titles and excellent back stories. It would be naive to think that these items haven’t played a big part in the brand’s success, but then that is what it’s all about – capturing your customer’s imagination. I’m particularly intrigued by the Peruvian Black with a subtle hint of fruit liquor which touts itself as ‘grate in food’ and ‘great on food.’ I’m certainly going to be adding this to the next chilli I make. It would seem rude not to!

(Visit and start sampling)

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