Down the rabbit hole

Independent foodie places.. I’m a big fan. Where chain restaurants have long forgotten their roots and become swamped in commercialisation, the independent shines a light on all things simple and delicious. Brixton Village AKA the Granville Arcade, showcases some of south London’s finest independent foodie establishments and as such has become a bit of a local treasure. The Victorian covered market now has a plethora of fab cafes just waiting to be discovered. This is where I found The Agile Rabbit.

If you’re into your pizza, you’ve probably already tried Franco Manco or balked at the mile-long queue outside. The Agile Rabbit is the newest pizzeria on the block and is a little less frenetic, but no less tasty. It’s a simple, small space, walls covered in numerous posters detailing previous events, pumping out reggae for the masses. Anyone who’s been to a festival will feel a familiar sense of laid-back cool – these guys don’t try too hard.

We parked ourselves on one of the long tressel tables and placed an order for a pepperoni pizza and goats cheese and red pepper calzone – a bargain at £13 for those + 2 drinks! Food was served up on wax paper (nice touch) and was everything a pizza ought to be -crispy, unfussy and full of flavour. This is simple, yet excellent food when you’re on the go, but do remember to take cash – it’s an indie afterall!

(The Agile Rabbit, 24&25 Brixton Village Arcade, Coldharbour Lane, SW9 8PR)

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