Yum at Yalla Yalla

Why aren’t there more Lebanese restaurants in London? It seems strange that such a fabulous cuisine is somewhat overlooked. Hopefully not for much longer as Yalla Yalla is bringing it to the masses in the most delightful way.

Perfect for lunch with friends, Yalla Yalla is touted as ‘Beirut Street Food’ which instantly gives it a cool edge. There are 2 bases in Soho serving up truly scrumptious Lebanese dishes, and more to come (Kings Cross). For anyone who hasn’t tried it, I’d describe Lebanese cuisine as a cross between Moroccan and Turkish. Plenty of fresh ingredients, bursting with flavour thanks to all the herbs and spices being used.

The Fatoush salad is unreal. I’m no salad fan, but could eat this forever. Composed of toasted, crunchy pieces of pitta bread combined with fresh greens and herbs, it’s completely moorish (and healthy – bonus!) Another treat is the Samboussek (pastry stuffed with feta and halloumi) and Soujec (homemade sausages) which are suitably spicy and flavoursome. Also on offer are some unique juice combos – my particular favourite is the apple, mint and ginger. Very refreshing and wholesome.

Yalla is always full which is a real sign of success. You can expect to spend around £10-15 per head on food depending on what you choose which to me seems like a total bargain for something so fresh and tasty. I’ve been twice with the girls now..and feel another trip on the horizon! Alternatively you can get takeaway from the Winsley Street branch – working lunches will never be the same again!

(Visit Yalla Yalla for some foody goodness)

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