4 of the best ankle boots

When it comes to boots, I never feel as though I have enough pairs. Admittedly it’s hard to justify why you need black ankle boots in a cuban-heel, a stiletto heel, with laces and also in a variation of leather or suede for you to feel complete, but somehow this is something I am faced with on a regular basis.

I am not alone in this obsession it seems – take the Ohanian boot (below), I am 1 of 4 of my friends who have now bought these Pied a Terre beauties! This rather underlines the point that good boots are hard to find, but once you find a pair, everybody wants them. So, I have decided to list out 4 of the best I have seen in the shops right now..

(Ohanian boot by Pied a Terre – 1 of the 6 pairs I bought last year)

Completely love these Hudson boots – in fact their entire range underlines what a good boot should be. Not only are they the perfect everyday boot, you’ll be able to wear them year-round as they’re low-rise which means flattering on the shin/calf area = perfect for wearing with dresses in the summer. Loving the buckle-back!

(Encke multi in tan, Hudson Shoes, £150)

These Acne boots are a fash-pack favourite – and unsurprising at that price – us mere mortals can’t afford them! I’d try Topshop’s Ambush boots for more affordable identical alternative – available in a range of colours. These are already hugely popular amongst my group of friends. Gorgeous!

(Pistol short boots, Acne, £350+)

Another celebrity-endorsed brand – Ash, these suede western boots are the perfect transitional heel height. Wear to work and then out in the evening – understated, yet cool. They never go out of fashion. Try Office for some cheaper alternatives.

(Ash Jalouse boot, ASOS, £145)

And…the grand finale – the leopard print boot! OK, they may look ridiculously high (they are) but the benefit of buying an expensive shoe from somewhere like LK Bennett is that you know they’re going to be comfortable as they’re so well-made. A killer heel in more ways than one! Officially the best leopard-print boot out there.

(Dusk boot, LK Bennett, £275)

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