Another day, another pizza

OK, this is starting to get weird. I’m not a huge pizza fan, well no more so than anyone else, however I have now visited 3 pizza places in 1 month, all of which deserve some air without appearing to be ADDICTED to pizza, here’s post number 3 on the Italian favourite!

Last night, I revisited Pizza Metro in Battersea. There are 2 branches, touting themselves as the longest and most authentic Neopolitan pizzas out there. The restaurant is sketchy to look at, but don’t be put off, the food is delicious. The key selling point (or novelty rather) is that they make metre long pizzas on which you can request a range of toppings. These are then elevated on stands above your table so you can chow down and still have room on your table for drinks. Practical and entertaining!

Our pizza consisted of proscuitto & mushroom, goats cheese & caramelised onion, salami & ricotta and veggie. It was enornous – the entire length of the table, but scarily enough it proved to be remarkably easy for 5 of us to devour this within the space of about 20 minutes.

You’re looking at about £10 per head for pizza +whatever else you might spend on alcohol. (We had a good Montepulciano.) The tipping point (in terms of greed) was when the waiter marched out with a plate of puddings and pushed them confidently onto our table, before saying this was purely so we could see what was on offer. By then we were completely sold and decided puddings were essential. Manipulative, but successful marketing on their part – and the desserts were fab too!

(Visit Pizza Metro, bookings recommended on weekends)

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