The return of Jaeger

Jaeger – some of us may be more familiar with the potent alcoholic connotations this word conjures up, while others of us simply know it as the classic clothing brand which is back with a vengeance and some rather fantastic clothes!

Growing up, Jaeger was the go-to brand for my mum and aunt when there was a special occasion to attend. I remember each season, a particular trip would be made down to House of Fraser to meet with Gilly – the ever-present sales assistant who would send the family home kitted out head to toe in their latest.

(Edie silk skater dress, Jaeger, £199)

The late 90s however saw Jaeger go completely out of fashion and out of our wardrobes. I wore cast-off jumpers from my mum’s closet when I was at uni – not really appreciating this was a bit of a cult-classic about to make a return…anyway, return it did. Now Jaeger has reinstated itself as the leader of classic british style. It has a particular appeal to those of us in our 20s, not only because our mums were all wearing it once upon a time, but because it’s now serving up cutting-edge style!

If you’re not already a Jaeger officionado, here’s what you need to know. The first store started trading in 1884. Set up by Dr Gustav Jaeger, it was based loosely on his theories that humans were happiest dressed in animal hair only. (I know, weird!) Anyway, this paid off as the brand was soon attributed with the introduction of new wools such as camel hair and cashmere. Celebrities then followed suit – take Cary Grant and Marilyn Monroe in the 50s. The rest – as they say, is history.

Anyway, since the brand returned with its flagship store on Regents Street, it’s gone from strength to strength. Now stocked by the likes of and regularly featured in trendy fashion magazines such as Grazia you cannot help, but be wooed by the quality items. What I like are the quirks such as interesting prints, buttons and cuts which set them apart from the rest.

(Washed silk shirt, Jaeger, £140)

Note to the discerning shopper – sign up for the newsletter – there is almost always a 20% off deal on something or other of their range. Also, check the sales – the prices are insanely affordable – i.e. great time to pick up a winter coat. It makes similarly priced brands such as Whistles and Reiss seem over-priced. Jaegers all round please!!

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