Love for LCC

Today I’m taking you to my favourite cocktail’s a Wednesday afterall!

London Cocktail Club (or LCC as the regulars call it) is a rather fantastic, reasonably well-hidden bar, down a metal staircase in the basement of one of the shops on Goodge Street. You’re met by an almost pitch-black speakeasy kinda vibe lit with candles, one long bar and a bit of red velvet thrown in for good measure.

What may appear to be a standard cocktail bar at first is brought to life by the ever-cheerful (and attractive) barmen who make it their business to make you feel like guest of honour (no joke) before winning you over with one of their incredible cocktails.

This excellent service isn’t coincidence for in fact these guys were the competition winners of the BBC’s TV show The Restaurant with Raymond Blanc back in 2009 and their concept has proved to be a complete winner with the public too – so much so they’ve just opened a second on Shaftesbury Avenue! Bravo.

The first time I went, they served me up a daiquiri made with jam, in an actual jam-jar tied over with greaseproof paper, topped with a strawberry and dusted with icing sugar. It looked far too beautiful to drink..but somehow I managed it! Other potent options include absinthe-based cocktails such as Death in the Afternoon, the Earl Grey Mar-tea-ni which is served in a mug with a biscuit and the Brixton Riot (which I like purely because I live nearby!)

Anyway, the drinks aren’t the only great thing about the bar, they have tasty bar snacks too, including the salt and pepper popcorn which arrives in a beer mug and chunky chips which are served in cones. I have whiled away many hours in here working my way through the menu and am sure it won’t be long before I go there again. Heaven!

PS. It’s the only place where you’ll hear Ace of Base back to back with some awesome hip hop and it sounds cool, rather than a throw-back to your studo days. GO!

(London Cocktail Club, 61 Goodge Street, W1T 1TL)

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