You need boucle in your life!

(Brocade Uma Jacket by Iro,, £600)

You what? Yes, you heard me, you need Boucle! Boucle is a French word meaning “to curl.” It describes a type of yarn, usually three-ply, having one thread looser, which produces a fine, bumpy texture. The Boucle jacket is boxy in shape with a variable collar type from nothing to high-neck to biker. So far so good?

The look is traditionally associated with brands such as Chanel or Maxmara. It is classically elegant, but (if done incorrectly) can look really mumsy. However, the boucle jacket is BIG right now and everyone from H&M right up to the big brand names has a version of the jacket.

(Navy boucle biker jacket, Dorothy Perkins, £49)

I think they look great with really casual, simple separates – let the jacket do the talking and you can’t go far wrong. Great items to pair with this would be a neutral-tone vest, blouse or a contrast cami – i.e. match your top to the trim of the jacket and it will bring out the accent nicely. Some well-tailored trousers / jeans and killer heels complete the look.

I was in love with the Lanvin one, but surprisingly enough, I don’t have £2400 to spend so have settled for this Zara alternative – they have loads this season! Also, check out ASOS and John Lewis for some more pocket-friendly solutions.

(Cream zip blazer, Zara, £69.99)

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