Head east for Vietnamese

These days, there are certain areas of London which are synonymous with particular cuisines. Take Stockwell, did you know it was a haven for Portuguese cafes? There are some brilliant ones. Likewise, the Kingsland Road in East London have a plethora of Vietnamese restaurants within a one mile radius. Here’s where you’ll find Song Que.

Having tried more than a few in this area, I can safely say that Song Que is the best. The beauty of Vietnamese is that it has really clean undertones. Where Chinese is heavy and gloopy, Vietnamese capitalises on fresh flavours from simple ingredients and good seasoning. Song Que has got this down to a T and as such delivers a delicious feast in exchange for a small amount of cash. (Under £10 for plenty.)

All green and white decor, the sparse interior doesn’t offer you much comfort (and the loos are REALLY basic) but if you want good food with a big group of friends, you can’t go far wrong here! Be sure to try one of the hot and sour noodle soups – these epitomise Vietnamese cooking, but watch out for the chillis. There are also some delicious stir-fry options and crispy pancakes which you should taste. Now I’m hungry!

(Song Que, 134 Kingsland Road  London E2 8DY) 

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