Japanese in Geneva?

I recently visited Geneva on business and finding ourselves exhausted and weary after a long day travelling, we opted to dine at our hotel, which some may say is a risky business.

Not so much at the Movenpick, for their Japanese restaurant Kamome is ‘the best in the region‘ according to the front desk, but as it turns out this isn’t far from the truth and we tasted some of the best sushi any of us had ever had.

Seated at the sushi bar, we had a prime view of the expert chefs making an incredible amount of sushi at breakneck speeds. All were beautifully presented on platters made of ships or accessorized with fans of leaves which had been cut out in doily-style patterns.

We started with a range of sushi including california, spicy tuna & avocado and plenty of pickled ginger. It was fresh and delicious – basically everything you could ask for from Japanese! Next course we opted for teppan yaki meat – duck for two of us and beef for the other. All beautifully cooked (pink at our request) with stir-fried vegetables and rice, the dish was light and full of flavour.

Definitely recommended for those staying in Geneva on business, especially if you happen to be situated near the airport! Take note though, this is Geneva, so NOTHING is cheap. You can expect for spend around £60 per person for a meal such as this which includes a couple of glasses of wine! Ouch.

(Kamome, Route de Pré-Bois 20, 1215 Genève, Switzerland)

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