It’s the pleats!

As Ron Burgundy once said ‘I’m sorry… it’s… the pleats!’ Well this time I’m not referring to an unfortunate trouser incident, I am in fact referring to the array of fabulous pleated skirts which are filling up our highstreet stores right now. They are crying out to be purchased so to purge myself of these urges, I will instead share them with you in hope that I may not be rushing out tomorrow to snap up one of the below!

(Pleated Colourblock Skirt, Oasis, £45.00)

I can’t get enough of them..ever since Whistles launched the Carrie skirt last Summer in 3 different colours, they’ve been on my radar, gradually chiselling away at my resolve not to keep purchasing the same thing. (NB. Don’t look at the Lottie skirt if you found the Carrie irresistible!) Then tonight on my way home from work, I was drawn to the French Connection poster on the tube. The one with the flippy peach skirt announcing ‘The skirt is happy’ was speaking to me! Damn advertising – I WANT TO BE AS HAPPY AS THE SKIRT!

(Mariella Silk Pleated Maxi-skirt, Glassworks Studios, £275.00)

So here I am on the cusp of falling into a black hole of pleats once again, but this season there are loads of variations on the original midi-length we all wore last summer. There’s a nice mini, dip hem, maxi and patterned ranging from cheap and cheerful, right up to designer fantastic! I hope you’ve enjoyed these..I’m off buy any of them. Honestly!

(Cecile Stripe Pleated Midi-skirt, Whistles, £125)

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