Blazing it up

Today’s obsession – blazers! A cheap one can look horrendous, but a well-lined, structured one is the key to sartorial elegance. I have been on the hunt for a new pale pink blazer for summer since my previous one died a death…for now the hunt continues, but in the meantime, why don’t you take a look at the beauties I’ve uncovered en route 🙂


(Stone fringe back detail jacket, Warehouse, £70)

A few pointers for you too – jersey blazers are a no-no. They’re supposed to smarten your look, not convey the appearance that you’ve rolled out of bed in it, creases and all. Why would you want one which looks like it’s been constructed from an IKEA duvet cover anyway?! Bizarro.

Keep an eye out for fittings. These make or break an outfit. Cheapo buttons make your jacket look cheap. Equally a badly-chosen zip, buckle or toggle will bring an unfortunate eurotrash vibe to your look. Steer clear or buy new buttons!


(Smoking suit jacket, Mango, £79.99)

Finally fabric is key. Cheap, non-lined cotton blazers from H&M have a nasty habit of gathering in all the wrong places. Scary polyester numbers equally give you a bargain-bin edge. Try to go for something which doesn’t have a shine. Also, make sure the blazer fits. Anything oversized on the shoulder or ill-fitting around the bust/back area completely ruins the lines. I’d err on the smaller side for a more trim, lean appearance. Go forth and blaze!!!


(Buckholme navy and white stripe blazer, Aubin & Wills, £175)