Time for tea?

Anyone who knows me, will know how much I love tea. Morning, noon and night – I can’t get enough of the stuff. While earl grey is my perennial choice, it’s all about peppermint mid-afternoon, jasmine before bed and perhaps the odd english breakfast mid-morning just to shake things up!

So, it was a delight to discover a new tea shop opening right by my office which has at least 30 different teas to choose from – err hello! Yes, that’s right – Yumchaa on Tottenham Street is the 4th branch of tea shop in this quirky chain. It’s all about serving loose tea to the masses in a relaxed setting and encouraging people to try something a bit different.

What I like is that there are samples of the tea leaves for the crowds to sniff to assist with the selection process. There’s everything from black teas, to green teas to white teas, not forgetting rooibos varieties along the way! I couldn’t resist the Earl Grey Blue Star which has beautiful blue flowers in it as well as smelling absolutely divine.

Anyway, if you’re looking for somewhere to relax with friends which doesn’t involve alcohol – this is the place for you! They serve yummy bagels and homemade cakes along with a small selection of coffees (if you really can’t drink tea!) It’s all about the mismatched tables and chairs, unusual wallpaper and industrial giant light-bulbs hanging over the counter. If Shoreditch did tea rooms…

Yumchaa, 9-11 Tottenham Street, London, W1T 2AQ.

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