All down The Alma

The Alma – a popular name for a pub it seems and not only that, good pubs. I’ve visited The Alma in N1 a number of times. Great food, great atmosphere and definitely the kind of place to while away the hours with a couple of pints.

The other night I went to another Alma – this time in Wandsworth. A pub, dining room and boutique (so it claims) hotel and found that it lived up to the Alma name in terms of quality and experience. The pub itself is a little rough around the edges – still has more of a boozer vibe as opposed to re-furbed gastro. It’s also packed with commuters so maybe worth a miss. What isn’t worth a miss is the dining room..

They have an excellent, extensive menu with more than enough exciting options to tickle your fancy. We were quite intrigued by the smoked mackerel rarebit and my heavily pregnant friend was wowed by the chorizo-stuffed corn fed chicken supreme. They also feature your standard pub grub – sausages and mash, pie, burgers…but all with a nice twist such as supplying venison sausages as opposed to pork for example.

All in all, a good place for dinner with friends and some guaranteed tasty eats. So, next time you’re at a loose end near Wandsworth Town station…

The Alma, 499 Old York Road, Wandsworth, SW18 1TF.

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