The best club

Friday was a dramatic day for those of us working in media-centric Fitzrovia. The “armed siege” (as dramatically proclaimed on Sky) rather took over our lunch-time conversation. However, we counteracted our fears over whether our office was going to be blown up, by fueling up on fab club sandwiches courtesy of one of the best locals; The Lukin.

I’ve been a fan of this rather shabby pub for some time. A bit rough around the edges, it’s less consciously cool than the other nearby pubs and as a result, gets a roaring trade from our office. And so it was, for the second Friday in a row, I found myself chomping down on their mouthwatering club sandwich.

I’m not the kind of person to EVER opt for a club sandwich. When I think of one, I have visions of soggy bread cut into triangular shapes, with rather pathetic pieces of chicken and bacon, accompanied by sub-standard salad all speared with cocktail sticks. This club is NOT one of those. A magnificant rustic sourdough loaf sliced in half containing a giant piece of straight-off the grill chicken and delightfully smoked bacon served up with skinny fries – this is the club sandwich of champions!

For only £6.70, I’d highly recommend you try it. Oh and while you’re there, make sure you sample some of the home-brand tangy ketchup – it’s spectacular!

The Lukin, 4 Conway Street, W1T 6BB.

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