Deco delights


(Flapper dress, Oasis, £75.)

So, I’ve spent the past week hunting for 1920s gear. I’ve always been a huge fan of the art deco style anyway, but as I’m off to The Great Gatsby night at Wilton’s Music Hall in a few weeks, I need something fabulous and so the hunt has begun!


(Limited edition twin frill dress, Topshop, £85.)

This is proving to be a particularly tricky task. Despite the fact that this style is hugely fashionable right now, finding anything affordable and suitably embellished is tough. French Connection have a wealth of beautifully beaded dresses starting from £200 if you have the budget. Otherwise, keep your eyes peeled for drop-waist beauties, fringed skirts and sequinned shifts.


(Pearl queen strappy dress, French Connection, £350.)