Bistro East

I went to Bistroteque at the weekend. Hidden down a backstreet in the depths of Bethnal Green, Bistroteque is a veritable foodie haven, not to mention minimal marvel for all who enter.

Housed within a repurposed warehouse, there is nothing to indicate Bistroteque is anything other than just that until you notice that it’s been recently painted and there’s some elegant lighting over the entrance-way. The staircases are still paint-splattered and suitably rough around the edges, it’s only upon entering the main dining/bar area (up 2 flights of stairs) do you realise you’re in a stylish mecca favoured by the trendies of the east.

Having recently opened Shrimpy’s in Kings Cross, in some ways the focus has moved away from the original Tom Collins restaurant, however with a newly revamped Manchichi bar and a mouthwatering selection of cocktails on the menu – think passion-fruit caipirinhas to name, but a few..this still has a special and undiscovered feel to it.

Stepping away from the bar and into the dining area, complete with starched tablecloths and grand piano, you can indulge in modern european treats of dorset crab and steak tartate. However, what caught my eye was the ‘Hot fromage!’ – so exciting it has an exclamation mark next to the name in the menu and the pudding drinks which included the ever-popular Espresso Martini and lesser known ‘Silk Stocking.’

All in all, a great place for dinner with friends or alternatively sit at the bar and work your way through a plate of oysters. However, I’m intending on coming back for new favourite meal! Yum.

23–27 Wadeson Street
London E2 9DR

Styled by Take That

Anyone who is into their fashion, can’t have failed to notice the shops are currently saturated with 90s gear. From crop tops, to Cat boots, check shirts to bomber jackets, it’s all about reliving your awkward teenage years, but in considerably more stylish fashion than the first time around.

So, it was with great concern, I found myself emanating a certain 90s music video with my clothing choices of late. Yes, my current style inspiration is the Take That boys’ holey jumpers from the Sure video. Pretty specific, I’ll admit, but somehow this look seems completely fresh in 2012 – 18 years since the boys rocked them (badly) in the 1994 classic.

A 90s Gary Barlow awkwardly modeling the holey jumper from the video.

So, the good news is that there are plenty of options out there in order to recreate this look. However, what is key to remember is that this was not considered stylish at the time and still isn’t now, what matters is HOW you wear it. My recommendation is to buy oversize and pair it with some patterned leggings and ankle boots. There are plenty of tie-dye, print, panelled and high-shine leggings doing the rounds at present so be daring and bring back the holey classic! Here are my favourites.

Ladder stripe sweater, Topshop, £26

Antipodium, Sporting Chance Pull Over, ASOS, £120

Sparkle & Fade, fisherman’s jumper, Urban Outfitters, £45