Time for the tee

I’m pretty sure it’s thanks to the 90s revival, but at the moment, I think nothing looks better than an oversized t-shirt. Whether it’s teamed with a bodycon skirt or mega leggings, it’s all about the large tee. But, not just any tee – it has to be styled just right or it will look like you’ve rolled out of bed in your sleepwear or worse still, are just a bit of a goon.

Screen printed unisex power washed tee, American Apparel, £26

So, keep your eyes peeled for slim-fitting, roll sleeved numbers with modern graphic prints and you’ll be in business. Personally, I’d steer clear of the ‘comedy slogan’ tees. Nobody with half a brain should be walking around with a tshirt emblazoned with ‘Are you sick enough?’ on their chest. If you need a slogan, stick with the established brands; Boy London (huge right now), Zoe Karsson or Wildfox are all winners.

Boy London, 1984 Tshirt, ASOS, £35

Alternatively, if you can find a plain white tee which ticks all the boxes, you’ll be good to go. This is easier said than done, however insider tip – head to Topman and raid the mens department. The tshirts are less contrived and more authentic in fit. Glam it up with a statement necklace or downplay with a college bomber. (Whistles has a great one at the moment..)

Navy high roll up sleeve tee, Topman, £10

The choice is yours, but it does look set to be the most hard-working item in your wardrobe this winter. Go forth and get teed up!

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