Leather cut-work


Usually restricted to bags, jackets and shoes, but with Winter approaching, we’re being challenged to experiment with leather tops, skirts and dresses. Sounds terrifying? Take a look at these cut-work numbers. The cut-out detailing brings a feminine element to leather which is worlds apart from any potential hooker connotations. Cut-work can be fierce, cute or demure. Just figure out what works for you and get on it.

Laser cut leather top, Whistles, £250

So now that you’ve got an idea of where to start, here’s a key pointer; no faux leather. It doesn’t matter how well-cut the piece, it will always look fake so if you can’t afford to go the whole-hog, focus on leather detailing on blouses, trim on skirts or an interesting belt. Oasis are the top of my list for affordable highstreet options. This skirt below is a total find!

Leather cutwork skirt, Oasis, £98

Royal Underground twisted cutout leather jacket, Saks Fifth Avenue, £461.04

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