Beware of the duck


A recent trip to Spain with my fellow foodie friends meant that each meal was an opportunity to discover something special and that we did upon stumbling across Clandestino in Malaga old town.

Having navigated the narrow, winding streets into a quieter part of town, we finally discovered Clandestino. The restaurant was a combination of rustic fittings with a modern twist. Torn music posters plastered the walls and the sounds of a live honky tonk piano player filled the air. It was quite buzzing at around 9pm when we arrived and almost everyone was Spanish.

Having been ignored by the staff, we sat ourselves down and started attempting to dissect the all-Spanish menu. With none of us speaking any of the language, this proved somewhat confusing especially considering the creative nature of the menu. Was the ravioli really filled with cocoa, ricotta and orange in a mint sauce? (Turns out it was!)


One jug of very boozy Sangria later, we had ordered our food. What arrived was just as flamboyant as expected. One of my friends ordered the steak with chimichurri sauce – an incredible doorstep of beef with plenty of sauteed potatoes, the other went for the special beef burger with the mostaza verde (green mustard.) I ordered the Clandeburger which consisted of a duck burger with spicy onion rings and a horseradish and green mustard mayo.

The burger was quite possibly the richest thing I have ever eaten. It tasted like foie gras mixed with gorgonzola and combined with the lethal green mustard (which was an unlikely poster-paint green) it was pretty overwhelming. After getting 3/4 of the way through it, I had to admit defeat. However, it was certainly an incredible combination of flavours. The beef burger and steak proved to be simpler and less fussy which meant my fellow diners easily cleared their plates in preparation for jug number 2 of Sangria.


All in all, a good experience and highly recommended if you’re looking for something other than your standard tapas restaurant. It’s not overly pricey and has the most unusual combinations of food I have come across for some time. Just beware of the duck – it’s not for the faint-hearted!

Restaurante Clandestino
Calle Niño de Guevara, 3  29008 Malaga, Málaga, Spain

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