Get quilted

So it’s snowing outside AGAIN and after a long weekend away, I’d really rather be curled up by the fire under my duvet watching mindless television, however with that not being an option right now, I’ve turned my attention to cosy clothing instead. So this got me thinking, how can I emanate comfort and warmth in my daily life without going for full-on hobo knitwear? The answer: buy a quilted jacket.

Now I’m not talking about your standard outdoor puffa popularised by european tourists, I mean the elegantly tailored, floral or patterned versions taking over the highstreet. For 2013, the quilted look has had a sophisticated makeover and is now THE desirable jacket for the fashion-conscious professional. On a most basic level though, if it’s good enough for Cara Delevigne in the current Zara campaign then it’s good enough for me.. SOLD.

Here are the current favourites jostling for space in my wardrobe….

ImageZara floral print quilted jacket, £59.99



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